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Persuasive essay is an essay that should convince the reader of a particular idea, most often the one in which you yourself believe. Your essay can be based on your point of view about anything. The difference between an essay-belief and an argumentative essay is that the argumentative essay is based on facts, and in the essay that must convince the reader of something, there may be opinions or emotions. Everyone should be able to write such essays, because this skill can be useful for writing a petition against malnutrition in schools, and for writing a letter to the head about raising your salary.

The basic method of writing persuasive essay

1. Read the assignment carefully. As a rule, persuasive essay is written on the instruction of the teacher. It is important to carefully read the text of this assignment.

Pay attention to words that will help you understand what an essay should be. If the phrase “personal experience” or “personal observations” occurs in the assignment, be aware that you can use your beliefs to support the arguments.

If the words “protect” or “prove” are found in the text, it means that you need to write an argumentative essay in which only facts will be important.

If you are not sure what is expected of you, ask the teacher.

2. Give yourself time. If you have such an opportunity, consider the arguments that you will be pleased to defend. Hurry will only prevent you. Give yourself time to brainstorm, write and test written.

If possible, start working as soon as possible. In this case, you will have a time reserve if something goes wrong (for example, a computer breaks down).

3. Consider the rhetorical situation. There is a so-called rhetorical situation with five basic elements: the text (that is, the composition), the author (you), the readers, the purpose of the message and the environment (situation).

The text should be understandable and reasoned (it is possible to include opinions, if this is not prohibited).

For you to believe as the author, you will need to examine the material, clearly formulate the main points of the statement and back them up with facts that do not distort reality.

The purpose of the message is to convince the readers that your point of view is correct.

The situation can be different. Most often the essay is asked to write at a school or university, and then the work is taken and evaluated.

4. Remember what must be included in the persuasive essay. If only the text of the assignment does not indicate something different, you will need to write an essay on the classical scheme.

In this type of essay, rhetorical persuasion tools are used. You will have the opportunity to address emotions, not just logic and proven facts.

Use a variety of justifications, but very carefully. The most convincing sound is accurate data, facts and other types of information that are difficult to counter something.

The essay-belief usually contains very precise wording, and the side that the author adheres to is unambiguous. This allows the reader from the very beginning to understand what you are trying to convey to him.

5. Think about your audience when you buy persuasive essay. What seems convincing to one will not convince the other. It’s important to think who your target audience is. Of course, your teacher will be the main reader, but you should think about who else your arguments seem convincing.

For example, if you write an essay in which you protest against useless school meals, you should consider who will first read this text. It can be written for the school administration, and then the example will need to bring the dependence of student productivity on nutrition. If you write for the parents of students, you will need to emphasize health risks and the possible costs of treating diseases caused by malnutrition. If you are writing for the same students as yourself, focus on personal preferences.

A good essay is not a problem.

Students have to perform many tasks. And one of them is the preparation of abstracts. They are written for practical studies, tests, tests, exams. Often the score for the essay affects the assessment for the exam. The abstract does not require new developments or statements of its point of view. Truth is not forbidden. The main goal of the essay is to convey to the audience the main aspects of the topic and to generate interest in the discussion.

Stages of work on the abstract:

  • Formulation of the topic. The topic should be not only relevant in its meaning, but original, interesting in content.
  • Selection and study of the main sources on the topic.
  • Compiling a bibliography.
  • Processing and systematization of information.
  • Development of the abstract plan.
  • Writing an essay.
  • Public presentation of the results of the study.

To write an abstract, it is enough to pick up two or three not-so-famous books on the topic and write a paper. Nobody will carp at your essay and check the accuracy of the quotes. Abstracts should not be too abstruse, because if you write your essay with some very clever scientific book, no one will believe that this text was written by you.

The number of pages in the abstract ranges from five to twenty-five typewritten pages.  It is necessary to remember that the abstract is the least serious work, therefore, if the teacher requires large volumes, this is very suspicious.

Requirements for the abstract in different educational institutions are different. But basically all of them boil down to the following points:

  • The work is made on white paper (A-4 format) on one side of the sheet.
  • The title page indicates the author’s data, the name of the school, the topic of the essay.
  • Be sure to include references to the literature in the abstract.
  • The sequence of the bibliography should be observed.
  • Applications: drawings, drawings, graphics are made with black paste. They are not included in the total amount of work.

Practically in all universities, student works are tested for plagiarism in a special program. Admit the content of plagiarism in your essay check with the teacher. Abstracts with low uniqueness receive low ratings. And sometimes they are not even accepted at all. Therefore, before submitting an abstract, check it yourself in the anti-plagiarism system. How to increase the uniqueness of the work?

  • Use the most recent sources of information;
  • Express the thoughts expressed in the textbooks in your own words;
  • Do not use free abstracts from reference banks;
  • Rewrite the text: change the form of the word, make the substitutions synonyms.

Writing help.

The development of civilization requires huge sacrifices. A blatant example of such a victim are students and other paper writers groaning under the pressure of the academic machine, squeezing out of them all the juices and continuously demanding from them to demonstrate their grasp by the educational and scientific process in the form of all kinds of written reporting.

The student constantly finds himself in a situation where, in the extreme conditions of his life, he is forced to begin the process of writing something that he has not the slightest idea and what is not known at all.

The suffering of millions of students who fell victims to the modern education system was not in vain – their bitter experience was collected and generalized, so that the subsequent similar experience was the least unpleasant and most painless.

First of all, everyone should know that there is nothing to be afraid of, because this notorious academic machine has long ago survived its poison and came to self-destruction. And no matter how bold it seemed such a statement – it is confirmed by experience.

Many people think that to write any work (especially, for example, a diploma), one must sit day and night in the library and in months of creative torment give birth to a thought which then will have to be carefully documented by scientific style and shyly submitted to the court of strict specialists. All this is not so.

Do not think so and be afraid to write something for the following reasons.

First, everything is already written. Hundreds of thousands of scientists in all of its history have already covered all spheres in one way or another. One hundred hundred versus one can be said that what you are required to write from already exists. It remains only to find it, write it down, correctly edit and organize it.

Secondly, there is almost no one to be afraid of. Ninety percent of teachers are in deep ignorance about the content of hundreds and thousands of texts and studies. Again, current teachers are not able to really and objectively evaluate your writing. There are almost no people facing fear and for whom it makes sense to try. And finally, the student does not have to think much about writing a job; he must strictly follow the demands of his academic institutions – and no one will not care for him.

Thus, if you do not sleep at night, spend hours on scientific volumes, go to the library every day, catch your teacher every day, try to put your soul into scientific creativity, tremble in anticipation of authoritative assessments of your works, you will not achieve Nothing but trouble. You will lose a lot and nobody will appreciate you. Listen to theseadvice. And, perhaps, your best years will not be so much overwhelmed by the picky harassment of your Alma Mater.

Dissertation writing service.

A dissertation is a huge and last step in your scientific study. The process of writing of dissertation may be very difficult. That happens because you ought to think about a good topic, you will have to make your own scientific research.

To write a dissertation you need you need to have enough time. Obviously, as sooner you start, as better. But if you start too late and you do not have enough time, do not expect anything good.

Minimum timeframes are at least 2 hours on 3-5 pages.

At least 4 hours at 8-10 pages.

At least 6:00 on 12-15 pages.

Multiply this time twice if you did not do your homework or did not attend classes. For work primarily based on the research, add about 2 hours to your time (although you will need to learn how to quickly and efficiently search for information outside this short guide).

If you are stuck on something, then you have to go to the professor. Whether you have problems with the thesis or you cannot formulate a conclusion. Most professors will be happy to help and they will memorize your initiative, which will be useful in the period of grading.

Some types of language are not suitable for a high level of scientific work. Avoid them from the beginning, and it will save your time later. You will not have to edit, because your supervisor will not ask you to modify or delete these fragments.

Spoken language, slang, excessively informal language is a very poor choice for the dissertation. Do not use them under any circumstances.

Using of contractions is not approved in works of high scientific level. It makes the language informal. It can also increase the number of grammatical errors in the work, so it is better to avoid cuts in general.

An uncertain language is also not the best choice for a dissertation. You do not want to say that your thesis is “probably correct” or that this proof “may be weighty.” Protect your claims even if they are not as strong as you would like. Problems of the theory you can always discuss later.

Main Steps When Writing Analytical Essay

If you are a student or a pupil  and you are interested in creating a successful analytical essay – then this article is for you!

Here we will talk about the main steps that will make the process of writing more workable and interesting, and the result will be successful.

Apparently, you often hear such advices, but this technique is the basis of good work – brainstorming.

Statistics show that one can not choose or invent an essay theme  from the first attempt. And there’s nothing terrible!

Consequently, you must search for images, metaphors, phrases or ideas that arises in your head. Immediately write down these ideas on paper. Are there quality repetitive moments? What is repeating more frequently ? This will usually be the first harness for your upcoming theme.

 If you are analyzing creative work, try to think about the image, visual effects in a movie, and so on. If you are analyzing the research, you can consider the methods and results and analyze whether the experiment was successful and whether it was useful.

This may seem like an unnecessary waste of time, but it’s worth trying once and you’ll see that it works. Moreover, it will become your good habit to grow your mind and help you create really good essays.

Once you have identified the subject of your essay, you must find confirmatory information. You can work both with primary sources (simple texts or articles on a topic) or with secondary ones (books, movies on a topic, etc.).

Good evidence confirms your position and makes your argument more convincing. List the supporting evidence, indicate where you found it, and how it supports your position.

In essence – a successful and productive searching  for an idea, finding supporting information to your idea – these are two bases of good work.

If you succeed in this, then you can assume that your work is not only almost ready, but definitely successful!